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About Hudson

Meet the Hudson Homes Team

From our CEO right through to the people who answer the phones, each and every Hudson Homes employee is passionate about what we do and appreciates the important role we play in the lives of our clients. Whilst you may not speak to each and every one of our team members on a regular basis, you can be assured that each has played a vital role in delivering the most important home ever built. Yours.

New Home Consultant

The role of your New Home Consultant is to guide you through the first few steps in your home building process. After meeting with you and listening to what’s most important to you, our professionally trained New Home Consultants can help you choose a parcel of land suited to your needs and show you a range of home designs best suited to your lifestyle requirements and to that specific lot. Once you’re happy with your house and land combination, your New Home Consultant works with you to personalise your home and arranges your fixed-price building contract before placing you in the capable hands of your Client Relationship Manager.

Investment Consultant

If you’re looking for a solid residential investment opportunity, we recommend you meet with one of our approved Property Investment Consultants who are able to guide you through some of the key fundamentals of investing in residential property. Hudson Homes has established a network of professionals across Australia that includes financial advisers, accountants, real estate agents, financiers and property professionals and offer a well-designed, high quality residential product located in well researched, high growth areas that are sure to meet the requirements of the most astute property investor.


The Designer listens to your needs and helps you create the home you want by selecting the fixtures, fittings and colour scheme that are best suited to your tastes, your budget and your desires. Homeowners will enjoy the inspiration of working with their very own Designer to create a home environment that is a true reflection of who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. Whilst Investors will value the time and attention that has gone into selecting a range of fixtures and fittings proven to be resilient and durable along with a range of pre-selected colour schemes that will satisfy the most discerning of tastes.


The Draftsperson works with your New Homes Consultant and your Designer to create a visual representation of your selected home. Following the instructions of your New Home Consultant, the Draftsperson will assess the contours of the land, make any necessary adjustments to the house design you have selected and produce a set of detailed drawings that will include floor plans, elevations and façade options so that you know exactly what you’re getting with your fixed-price Hudson Home.


Following the instructions of your New Home Consultant, your Designer and the Draftsperson, the role of the Estimator is to calculate the exact cost to build your new home and to produce a HIA building contract that delivers on the promise of the Hudson Homes fixed-price guarantee. Whilst quality and time are two important characteristics when building a home, we respect that cost also plays an important role. We know that you value the peace-of-mind and security of knowing exactly what your new home will cost before you sign your home building agreement.

Client Relationship Manager

Once you have secured your house and land by signing your fixed-price HIA building agreement, your primary point of contact at Hudson Homes will be your personal Client Relationship Manager (CRM). Your CRM will keep you updated through each step of the home building process: from council lodgments and approvals, construction updates right through to final inspections and handover, your CRM is your first port of call. And since our CRM’s are only allocated a small number of clients at any one time, you can be sure that a high quality level of client communication and satisfaction can be maintained.

Contracts Administrator

Our Contract Administrators are responsible for ensuring an efficient workflow and construction program and for coordinating the timely delivery of both materials and labour required to complete your home on time. Working behind the scenes and under the guidance of our Construction Manager, the Contracts Administration team is the key to Hudson Homes’ ability to deliver a complete turn-key, fixed-price solution each and every time.

Site Supervisor

Your dedicated Site Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day construction of your new home. In addition to ensuring that every aspect of your home is built to the Hudson Homes high standard of quality, your Site Supervisor communicates regularly with your Client Relationship Manager to ensure that you receive timely reports and remain up-to-date along each step of the journey. When it comes time to inspecting your property, your Site Supervisor will walk with you through your new home and does not complete our Client Satisfaction Report until you are 100% and completely delighted with every aspect of your new home.

Construction Manager

The Construction Manager is responsible for every aspect of your Hudson Home – from initial design specifications right through to quality control and client satisfaction. Quite simply, when it comes to any construction related matter – the buck stops here. The Construction Manager is available and accessible to every Hudson Homes’ client should the need ever arise and is authorised to make whatever decision, whenever required to ensure complete client satisfaction.