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About Hudson

Our Guarantees

At Hudson Homes we understand the importance of time and money. And since delivering upon our promises to you is at the heart of everything we do, customers are offered the peace-of-mind and security of the following two guarantees:

Our Fixed-Price Guarantee

From the moment you have signed your Housing Industry Association (HIA) Building Agreement and the relevant statutory authorities have approved the construction of your home … your price will be absolute and final. No excuses. No hidden extras. No surprises. Just one fixed price. Guaranteed.

The Hudson Homes Fixed-Price Guarantee* means that you know exactly how much your new home is going to cost before we commence construction and we will never charge you a single cent more for any unforeseen items.

The way we see it is like this: you come to us because we are the home building experts and we should be able to determine exactly what your new home is going to cost to build. We understand and respect the fact that you’re also working towards a budget and that nasty surprises are likely to have an adverse impact on your family’s finances.

That’s why we are proud to provide our customers with the financial assurance of a Fixed-Price Guarantee and we are confident in doing so because:

  • from the slab up, we should know exactly what your new home should cost to build;
  • we understand that the biggest cost overruns (or surprises) are most likely to occur from the slab down. That’s why, before we provide you with your tender price, we complete a thorough site inspection and conduct due diligence that includes:

a). soil and geotechnical tests – to tell us what lies beneath the surface and therefore what allowances we need to make for excavation, piering, slab classification, engineering, site contamination and rock excavation, amongst other things;

b). site survey – which will identify the contours of your land and highlight any additional requirements that may be needed for excavation, foundations, slab design, soil removal and retaining, amongst other things;

  • rather than taking the easy way out and merely making an ‘allowance’ for site costs, we take the time to better understand your parcel of land and to work things out properly. This means that there are no nasty surprises and that the figure we agree on prior to the commencement of your construction will be the figure you pay. Period.

*Please Note: the Hudson Homes Fixed-Price Guarantee can only apply to readily accessible land where our site due diligence may be conducted. The Fixed Price Guarantee does not apply to unregistered land, knock-down and rebuild contracts or where we cannot readily conduct our site due diligence. 

Our Time-Frame Guarantee

Since time IS money, Hudson Homes guarantees to complete the construction of your home on time as agreed in your Housing Industry Association (HIA) Building Agreement (subject to any inclement weather, holiday period closure or other permissible time extensions that are beyond our control) or we will pay YOU for every day we run over that agreed time period.

We are respectful of the fact that you need to make arrangements whilst your home is being built and we know how excited you and your family are to move into your new home.

So from site commencement right through to practical completion, we will take responsibility for ensuring that the construction of your home is given the priority it deserves and we are committed to delivering your new home to you when we say we will.

The Hudson Homes Fixed-Price and Time-Frame Guarantees offer peace-of-mind when building your home. After all, we are committed to delivering the most important home ever built. Yours.