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About Hudson

Knock-Down, Re-Build

There’s nothing like living in a brand new home

Your lifestyle needs are changing and you now need more room to live the life you’ve earned.

When you decide to knock-down your existing home and re-build with Hudson Homes, you’re starting with a blank canvas. You can get the home you want, built exactly the way you want it. You can select the design, the façade and all the modern inclusions and features you desire.

Best of all, Hudson Homes is committed to making the process simple and stress free.

And the money you save in selling and buying costs can be invested into your new home adding even more value into your property.

In fact, our team will look after everything from helping you select a new home design that best suit your block to getting that design approved by your local council (or certifier) before attending to the demolition and construction of your new home.

Take advantage of our FREE Home Delivery Service where one of our New Home Consultants will visit you at a time and place that’s most convenient for you and show you exactly how you can Knock-Down and Re-Build with Hudson Homes.

The challenges of selling and buying

Selling your existing home can be a challenge, followed by the even bigger challenge of finding (and successfully buying) the right home, in the right condition, in the right location and within the right time frame.

And don’t forget that the costs of selling (i.e. advertising, legal and agent fees) coupled with the costs of buying (stamp duty, legal, finance and moving costs) will run into the many tens of thousands of dollars. Stamp duty costs alone on your typical $750,000 home run up to almost $30,000!

Then you’ll need to get to know the new neighbours, have the kids adjust into the new school and familiarise yourself with all the local amenities whilst saying goodbye to your existing neighbours and friends.

Now that may all be fine if you don’t love the area in which you live in… but what if you do?

Renovation vs Re -Build

If you really enjoy where you live and the thought of packing up your life into boxes and moving is not a pleasant one, then perhaps a renovation or extension may be in order.

In addition to being a complete disruption to your life during the renovation (just ask anybody who has renovated!!), you will be surprised to know that per square metre, the cost of renovating or extending can often be more than twice as much as building a brand new home with Hudson Homes.

So whilst you may have a new room (or two), you will still have the old home with the old wiring, the old plumbing and an old floor plan to contend with.

You enjoy living in your area and you’ve fallen in love with your location… why move or renovate when you can Knock-Down and Re-Build with Hudson Homes.

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