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About Hudson

We have a simple mission:
to design and build quality homes for a new generation.

About Hudson

Hudson Homes wins Defence Housing Australia contract for a third time


The team at Hudson Homes are proud to announce that we have won our third Defence Housing Australia (DHA) contract. We were up against other major home builders and due to our strong reputation for quality and consistency we were able to win the contracts with DHA.

Designed specifically for our military personnel these modern homes are either 3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, single garages and ducted air-conditioning. Each home has a medium size backyard for kids and family pets to run around.

Our first DHA contract was for 22 homes in Middleton Grange NSW. Our family-oriented homes consisted of 12 single storey, 8 double storey, and one double storey duplex. We began construction in the middle of April 2016 and families were able to move into their new homes in January 2017.

With the successful completion of our first DHA contract, the team was awarded our second contract in Middleton Grange. We acknowledge that building military homes is a huge honour and responsibility and coming into Christmas our Government wanted to move the deadline forward 6 weeks. Our entire team worked closely together on this project to get 13 single storey homes and 11 double storey homes built in time for Christmas.

As the team had proven their capability and workmanship we were confident in submitting a tender for our third DHA contract which we went on to win. Located in Dundas we will be building 21 double storey duplexes. Construction is scheduled to commence in March 2018 and completed in October 2018.

The team at Hudson Homes are very proud of what we have achieved together for DHA and the challenges that we have overcome. We hope that we will be able to work with DHA again in the future to build our military personnel the homes they deserve.

About Hudson Homes

We have a simple mission: to design and build quality homes for a new generation.

Based upon our most fundamental philosophy that homes are ‘made for living’, we aim to create homes that celebrate life. And since life revolves around the home, we understand the responsibility that comes with delivering the most important home ever built. Yours.